067 Why We Like Dungeons and Dragons

Why we like Dungeons & Dragons. We get asked “you play rpg’s, but why do you like D&D?” We think it’s a good ‘universal’ fantasy rpg system. Most people are aware of how the game works, many have played it at one time or another, and it contains a fair amount of different rpg mechanics – combat, skills, reward system, target numbers, etc. We mention our favorite edition and what we don’t like about the king of role-playing games, Dungeons & Dragons.

Gamehole update

  • Official, you heard it here first. They’re getting TrueDungeon!
  • The return of the food trucks
  • A late-night bar at the Clarion
  • Rooms are open at area hotels

Random Encounter

Mark Dawson – emails- he was the one that is our unofficial archivist and we field a voice mail from Chris S. Chad Knight comments on episode 66 – Criticals & Fumbles via G+. Other comments come from Roger Brasslet and Joe Cwik

And correction on Forest Agguire’s name Forrest (it’s pronounced “uh-gary”) Aguirre

Die Roll



  • Today, W. Eric Martin, a reporter for Boardgame Geek published an article that will change the landscape of the Boardgaming hobby. The long and the short is in 2016 Asmodee North America will become the sole North American distributor for Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodee and Days of Wonder games and they are limiting retail distribution to five distributors. While that is not a big deal, they will also be restricting all retail sales to face to face transactions only. Meaning, no internet based sales! and more info can be found on icv2 
  • Errata is out for MM and DMG as of 12/21/2015   PHB errata was released back in June 2015 
  • Best and worst sci-fi and fantasy movies of 2015 
  • ABC Celebrates Capt America’s 75th anniversary on Jan 19th at 8p est 

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