It’s a classic rpg trope. You all meet in a tavern, but it doesn’t have to be boring or the same every time you use it. Besides, there are other ways to bring your role-playing game party of characters together.


Project BS: The Delta Green Experiment
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Random Encounter

Harrigan emails us on Always Be Prepping
Stephen Dragonspawn emails us about homework
Warden comments on Homework

Die Roll

  • Rory has a decent Greyhawk board on Pinterest
  • Pinnacle launched Super Powers Companion crowdfunder, thanks Akodoken
  • Mothership sci-fi horror box set Kickstarter is coming
  • Tanares RPG 5e kickstarter, $1.3M
  • Down We Go Infinite Edition, gamefound crowdsourced, minimalist old school system, Swedish designed
  • Journey Into the Madlands, Kickstarter coming, a post-apoccalyptic RPG zine
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