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Episode 11 Show Outline


Announcements – updates to website, news, events, links, etc

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Random Encounter – misc rants

What kind of ASSHOLE knocks over a guys motorcycle?!?  I want that guy’s head on a pike.

Message – messages from audience via email, G+ community or Twitter

Topics of Discussion – Girth of the show, links, blurb, references, etc.

WARNING to Listeners – Sean is totally gonna lose his shit in this episode

  1. Benefits to local game store
    1. meet other gamers
    2. events
    3. order stuff
    4. support local economy – employs people, etc
    5. promotes the hobby
    6. may be able to purchase something on the spot to include impulse buys
  2. What makes a good game store
    1. good inventory – define ‘good’
    2. friendly & knowledgeable staff
    3. clean store
    4. good communication
    5. loyalty programs
    6. pre-orders
    7. makes use of social media
  3. What makes a bad game store
    1. crappy customer service
    2. shit inventory
    3. dirty game store – garbage, signs done in MS word using word art.
  4. Location
  5. What challenges do game stores have in today’s market
    1. pdfs
    2. publishers selling direct
    3. kickstarter
    4. too many products
    5. staffing – specifically events

Die Roll 


  1. Saw a bear this trip  – seems I’m upgrading from wolves?
  2. Get to have one last gaming session with my group before the end of the year -never easy to get this last one in but we’ve got it on the calendar!
  3. Ken Hite’s Dracula Dossier for Night’s Black Agents is going strong on KS ( – this is one KS I’m thinking of putting mone into as I’m confident they will deliver a solid product.
  4. Thanksgiving is my favorite family holiday. Hope all the US listeners have a good holiday!


  1. Stan Shin – 5e rules summary in both landscape and portrait formats,
  2. Fantasy Flight merges with Asmodee Group


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