We talk about game balance, challenge ratings, encounters and throwing a lich up against a party of first level pleebs! Is it necessary? Let us know.

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DMG released! (that’s 5e folks)

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Moe Tosignant

This is a bit of a contentious topic locally as of late.

The big FLGS of the area closed. The owner had planned to start fresh with something new. A secondary store really stepped up to the plate to fill the gape. Went from LGS, and really Magic the Gathering and CCG store that also had Warhammer to a true hobby game store that also earned the F in front of FLGS.

Now since then something went bad for the initial FLGS owner and his plans didn’t work out. He’s now back in the LGS business hooking up with the local UFLGS (Un-Friendly Local Game Store). Now since joining up he’s doing an awesome job getting rid of that U. The problem is that there’s bad blood between all these store owners.

So now the local gaming community is starting to remind me of high school RPG groups where there are relationship issues. I’m sure you’ve all gone through that at some point and know what it feels like.

Added to this mess are a couple of really cool out of towners (though they’ve now been here long enough they can’t really be called out of towners anymore) who have plans to open a new store next year.

Feedback from Liz C. on G+. Liz, thanks for the feedback. re: Brett’s affinity for clicking mouse during show. We have restrained him.


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Topic of Discussion

  1. How do Brett and Sean define Game Balance
  2. What’s the big deal?
    1. Up front Power
    2. Potential Power
    3. Encounters that “match”
  3. Stuff that RPGs try and emulate that are NOT balanced
    1. Fictional characters (movies, books etc)
    2. Myths
    3. Real life triumph over adversity
  4. Who’s job is it to ensure some form of balance?
    1. GM – provide a setting and options that allow for more than just “you are evenly matched in combat/skill/abilities”
    2. Players – running away is an option, creative choices
    3. RPG Authors – set up the game to start on equal footing

Die Roll (5 min) – 2-4 misc points we want to bring up at end of cast. Should be short and sweet, could be a plug, something to check out, etc. Limited time to spout off.


  1. KS rage – I’m not happy with how this is going…
  2. Gaming with my kids – how awesome it is to have every description of every monster be new again


  1. Star Wars-Force Awakens Trailer
  2. Holiday movie season: In Exodus-Gods and Kings, The Hobbit-Battle of Five Armies, The Imitation Game (Turing), American Sniper (Eastwood), Unbroken (Jolie)-track star, 47 days at sea, rescued by Japanese
  3. Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals


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