187 Using Creatures from Other Games


Inspiration from Blake Ryan. Blake poses the question, “have you ever used something from one game setting or system to another. For example using Githyanki/Githzeri/Mind Flayers in Conan or Lankmar? Something not part of the setting but not hard to insert either. Or, vampire clans from vampire the masquerade in D&D or Shadowrun? as pcs or npcs? Or, using Tyrannids in D&D.”

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185 Can I Make a Check Too?


Skill roll limits in your rpg: Those times when everyone wants to make a Perception check to try and ensure that the group “wins” and gets the information.

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180 Adversarial Players in RPG’s


After we talked about Adversarial GMing Andy Hall asked us to chat about Adversarial Players. This may be just as hard to define as Adversarial GMing, but let’s see what we can do with this. Lets talk about adversarial players in rpg’s.

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