Using Creatures from Other Games

Inspiration from Blake Ryan. Blake poses the question, “have you ever used something from one game setting or system to another. For example using Githyanki/Githzeri/Mind Flayers in Conan or Lankmar? Something not part of the setting but not hard to insert either. Or, vampire clans from vampire the masquerade in D&D or Shadowrun? as pcs or npcs? Or, using Tyrannids in D&D.”


Gamehole Con submissions for events is open!

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Eric Salzwedal Comments on episode 186

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  • Meeplestock is June 15, 16, 17 in Stevens Point, WI.
  • New Tabletop RPG Lets You Play as Your Friends, article by Beth Elderkin.  Liam Ginty releases Mirror.
  • Battlestar Galactica  Is Getting a Tabletop Miniatures Game, article by Luke Plunkett





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