There’s a time and a place that’s good for your player character to either run away or surrender in your rpg. Or is there? dot dot dot


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  • Jared Rascher shares incremental skill checks reference sheet
  • Eli Kurtz points out Velvet Generation, Cosmic rockers fighting the man with the power of music!  kickstarter, ends July 11th. Not funded as of this recording.
  • Goblin’s Henchmen’s 22 System Neutral Magic Items
  • Jack Neller reminds us of 5e Humble Bundle, $381 worth of digital books, ends Jun 27, 2018. Proceeds go towards Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society
  • Pete Watson-Wailes, Triumvene kickstarter. Triumvene is a tabletop RPG focused on non-combat based challenges and strong narrative, creating engaging, powerful moments. It also does away with traditional fantasy lore, combining an entirely new pantheon and set of races, and a complete bestiary. It draws inspiration in its style from the impressionist art movement, and mechanically from modern games like Numenera, Blades in the Dark, and Dungeon World. Funded. Ends June 30th, 2018

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