Technology at the gaming table, what do you allow? Laptops ok or are they a distraction? “Hey man, can you put away your cell phone for a second. It’s your turn.”

Episode 14 Show Outline

Guest Chad Knight joins us to talk about tech at the table, Die Roll, and Skill Check!


Poll results – How many cons do you attend?

Website: 75% 2-3, 25% 1-2

Google Plus: 80% 1-2, 10% only 1, 10% 4+

Facebook: 100% 1-2

Guest – Chad Knight talks about EverCon (

Topic of Discussion – Technology at the Table

What types of tech do you allow, encourage, tolerate at the table?

  • tablets
  • phones
  • laptops

Why do you allow/tolerate it?

  • PDFs
  • Apps (dice, character sheets, etc)

What tech don’t you allow and why?

What about projectors or LCD TV’s turned into high-tech gaming table?

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Die Roll 


  1. Last game for 2014 for my group
  2. Space Hulk Deal!
  3. Pathfinder Unchained – could be cool (


  1. Gamers Behaving Badly a venture of Chris Hussey check it out:
  2. One Book Shelf owner of DriveThruRPG removes item. Posted only on G+?

Skill Check – Chad performs skill check!


GM or Player?


  1. Fighter? Magic User? Thief? Cleric?
  2. PC Death – great for story? please don’t kill my guy?
  3. Rules lawyer? power gamer? ac TOR?
  4. Rule zero or “I’m a player and I have equal rights!”
  5. Favorite rpg?


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