018 Re-Alignment, In and Out of Game

We circle back to episode 17 where we initially talked about alignment. We address listener feedback and elaborate a bit more on the topic.

Episode 18 Show Outline

Intro including music


Brett is in news coverage of EverCon: http://www.waow.com/story/27815978/2015/01/09/gamers-come-out-for-evercon

Random Encounter – messages from audience via email, G+ community or Twitter

Sean – this! is why I appreciate the gaming community, different angles and considerations, experienced players and GM’s and systems!…

Follow up discussion from ep 17 – Alignment

Email from Adam Muszkiewicz

G+ Post from Kristian Serrano

G+ Post from Austin

Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/gamingandbs/status/552527595552907266

Topics of Discussion – Re-Alignment

3 Alignment system

  • DCC and new OSR systems
  • Basic D&D – Moldvay & Mentzer do this (Holmes did NOT – he had the AD&D setup)

It’s How You Use It

  • Guideline
  • Railroad for morality
  • In-world or in-system impact to shifts of alignment
  • Excuse to be a dick

How to be a group with mixed alignments?

  • Guardians of the Galaxy – what they were before and what they became together
  • Develop the bonds and connections and goals that the group agrees on (ie. the “quest” they are on)
  • Those that act “in character” in a way that harms the group get booted out “in character” – adventures aren’t stupid.

Die Roll – 2-4 misc points we want to bring up at end of cast. Should be short and sweet, could be a plug, something to check out, etc. Limited time to spout off.


  1. EverCon recap – Live Pathfinder
  2. EverCon recap – OSR Challenge


  1. How fight with a dagger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bteyMFfeaYk
  2. Telescope, futuristic short film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yid59_nd9-8 ,
  3. GURPS Calculator http://www.gurpscalculator.com/Account/Login?returnUrl=%2FAccount


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