020 Experience Points & Character Advancement

Incentive for level-based roleplaying game systems is typically experience points. We talk about player character advancement and how pacing goes back to game balance. How do you handle character advancement in level-based systems?

Episode 20 Show Outline

Intro including music and Darktheatre.net


Gamehole Con, met with director Alex, and we’re sorting out our plans.

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Random Encounter – messages from audience via email, G+ community or Twitter

Email from listener Scott W.

Comments from episode 19 – Homebrew RPG Settings https://gamingandbs.com/2015/01/20/episode-19-homebrew-rpg-settings/#comments

Topic of Discussion

How do you advance characters in your game?

  • By the rules (aka as written)
  • Modified system
  • alternate method? ad-hoc?

Advancement for Characters

  • Power climb
  • New skills

Die Roll – 2-4 misc points we want to bring up at end of cast. Should be short and sweet, could be a plug, something to check out, etc. Limited time to spout off.


  1. GenCon prep for my group – so far, so good
  2. Spy Game – think I need to run one, might try Top Secret for it
  3. Need a board game for 9yr old boys – Need it to be fast to pick up, and not too complex. Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.


  1. Modular paint workshop http://www.hobbyzone.pl/en/wsm/
  2. Four hour cut of the hobbit https://tolkieneditor.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/i-have-recut-peter-jacksons-hobbit-trilogy-into-a-single-4-hour-film/
  3. Habit RPG https://habitrpg.com/static/front


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