022 RPG Wikis and Dissemination of Info

We start out talking about how Brett organizes his campaign info using a wiki and then slide into disseminating campaign information using social media. How do you manage getting information to your players?

Episode 22 Show Agenda

Intro including music – DarkTheatre.net Home of the Character Folio


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Random Encounter

Brett’s thoughts to responses to episode 21 on gender:

All good stuff and I really like the approaches that our listeners told us about.  And I like that everyone kept the discussion reasonable and above name calling (except for Chad – I’ll kill his next 5 characters in petty vengeance).

Topics of Discussion

What are you using to organize your gaming?

Tools for the GM

  • Brett’s use of a Wiki
    • Our own wiki site
    • Also used Obsidian Portal
  • G+ Communities
    • One for the group
    • One for each campaign
    • FB could also be used – a buddy of Brett’s uses FB

Die Roll – 2-4 misc points we want to bring up at end of cast. Should be short and sweet, could be a plug, something to check out, etc. Limited time to spout off.


  1. Piercer attack!


  1. Wanted PT Game Master, Roll20.net http://blog.roll20.net/post/110188978920/were-hiring ,


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