027 Handling RPG Rules at the Table

We answer our first voice mail from Chris Hussey, how do you handle rpg rules at the table? Update from Gameholecon and Die Roll.

Episode 27 Show Agenda

Intro including music – DarkTheatre.net Home of the Character Folio


Great Feedback on Episode 26 – love the input!

  • Karl Keesler’s uses Magic Cards and an old 7th Sea method to help build backgrounds.
  • Shane Freeman, Austin, Kevin, and others use Images from Google for inspiration.
  • Chad and others will fight for their agency against the tyranny of Sean!


GreyedOut Productions, head to greyedout.etsy.com and use promo code GAMINGANDBS to get 10% off your order!

This Just in from Gamehole!

Latest update from the Gamehole team

Random Encounter

VOICEMAIL! WHOOHOO! – Thank you Chris Hussey!

  • Rules Questions in game – how do you deal with them?

Topic of Discussion

Rules Questions at the Table – How do you deal with ‘em?

  • Look it Up?
  • GM Calls it?
  • Group Conference?

Die Roll – 2-4 misc points of things we think you should know regarding the hobby or misc topic of geekery.


  1. My oldest son Connor runs D&D for my youngest son and me, and then Ilana wanted in.
  2. Started reading Of Dice and Men – ok so far.
  3. Re-read Chaosium’s Basic Role Playing system.  I think I want to give it a run with a fantasy setting.
  4. Sir Terry Pratchet died – he was only 66 (http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-31858156)


  1. NBC Nightly News does segment on board games. Pimps Tabletop. Talks about standard Milton Bradley type games, but still some exposure http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/board-game-renaissance-in-full-swing-412520003928
  2. Tron 3 to start shooting in fall? Bridges not confirmed. http://www.blastr.com/2015-3-11/rumor-day-looks-tron-3-will-finally-start-shooting-fall
  3. Edx course The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture, one of the instructors is Stan Lee!! https://www.edx.org/course/rise-superheroes-impact-pop-culture-smithsonianx-popx1-1x
  4. Misdirected Mark a tabletop rpg podcast by Chris Sniezak and Phil Vecchionne, check them out! We like ’em.


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