030 Are RPG Campaigns Necessary?

Do you need an rpg campaign that has a cohesive plot line or can one shots do the trick?

Episode 30 Show Outline

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Kristian Serrano’s quote from the G&BS post on G+:

“Most players I know don’t actively participate in online communities and just want to play. They don’t necessarily care about the system at hand other than the fact that they want something easy to learn/master and fun to play.”


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Topic of Discussion

The desire for a cohesive campaign storyline vs. the reality that such a thing may not be possible (e.g. I want to game X times a month and no one can make it).

  • Can you have a non-cohesive campaign?  Episodic sessions that “dump” you from one adventure to another but with the same characters perhaps?
  • Are one-shots the way to go?
  • Redefine what “long term” means for your group (Brett used to run one storyline over multiple years in real time – now it’s shorter)

Die Roll – 2-4 miscellaneous points of gaming or geekery we want to share with you.


  1. B-day weekend of gaming!
    1. Board games played: City of Thieves, Space Hulk, 7 Wonders
    2. RPGs run: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Ed), Chaosium’s BRP
    3. RPG played: NWoD (Lenny ran)
  2. Games bought: Mice and Mystics Heart of Glorm expansion and The Duke
  3. An all-day gaming event coming up on Saturday – my buddy Zave and I are heading to the Everest Game Club (Evercon folks) to run some gaming seminars and then some games – my boys are coming along.
  4. Bolter Prop for 40k: http://gravengames.co.uk/building-a-warhammer-40k-bolterboltgun-prop/


  1. Wil Wheaton new rpg series to use AGE system by Green Ronin http://greenronin.com/blog/2015/04/02/press-release-wil-wheatons-new-rpg-series-to-use-age-system/
  2. Simon Rogers from Pelgrane Press writes article for a minimal prep gumshoe game, I use a potted version of the suggestions in the Trail book, that is, work backwards from the Horrible Truth to the Hook. I’ll do this now on the fly. http://pelgranepress.com/site/?p=17564
  3. Lankhamar City of Thieves Pinnacle Entertainment Group https://www.peginc.com/savage-lankhmar-city-of-thieves-now-lurking-very-closely/


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