095 Campaign Creation


Campaign creation, a topic posed to us by Michael Drescher. We throw in the Fronts from the Dungeonworld rpg as a point of reference and a good way to approach fleshing out your campaign. Our thoughts, or approach, is not the be all end all to creating a campaign. Sean tends to start with prepublished modules but may end up going off the rails and ad-libbing the rest of his sessions because a more exciting path may present itself. Brett has his own method and explains that. There is no wrong way to doing an rpg campaign, but we do have a warning to GM’s. Let us know what you think.

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078 Starting the RPG Campaign


Starting the rpg campaign takes some previous thought. How much depends on a few things, what you’re going to play and how you’ll approach your players are just two thing to consider. There is quite a bit of social contract, knowledge gathering and dissemination of information. Players are going to want to know the type of campaign you’re going to run. What system are you, as the game master, going to use? As a GM, what do you want the players to know before everyone sits at the table and the plot begins….to thicken. Certainly a topic that could span hours of discussion, we talk about it in this episode.

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068 Ending the RPG Campaign


Ending the rpg campaign. There can be a number of situations why you would want to wrap up your roleplaying game. Whether it is GM or player burn out, the game is falling apart – players not getting along, or you’re being tempted by the new shiny, we talk about how and when to end it. But is it ever really dead?

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