078 Starting the RPG Campaign

Starting the rpg campaign takes some previous thought. How much depends on a few things, what you’re going to play and how you’ll approach your players are just two thing to consider. There is quite a bit of social contract, knowledge gathering and dissemination of information. Players are going to want to know the type of campaign you’re going to run. What system are you, as the game master, going to use? As a GM, what do you want the players to know before everyone sits at the table and the plot begins….to thicken. Certainly a topic that could span hours of discussion, we talk about it in this episode.

In addition to the main topic, we also talk about our experience at GaryCon VIII held this past weekend in Lake Geneva, WI. Aside from the podcaster seminar, which we were a part of, Brett was mainly in spectator mode while Sean played in an 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game, Acrid Herald which is a playtest of Merle Rasmussen will be kickstarting later this year.  He went on to play Cyberpunk as well as Mike Mearls’ D&D 5th edition game. The best part was meeting new friends and seeing old ones.

Random Encounter

Forrest Aguirre lets us know his thoughts on monsters. Greg Palacek shares one of his tales with dopplegangers. And Chris Schorb comments on episode 077 where we covered opposed die rolls. Thanks for commenting everyone!

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