068 Ending the RPG Campaign

Ending the rpg campaign. There can be a number of situations why you would want to wrap up your roleplaying game. Whether it is GM or player burn out, the game is falling apart – players not getting along, or you’re being tempted by the new shiny, we talk about how and when to end it. But is it ever really dead?

Random Encounter

We field comments on episode 67 when we gave reasons for liking Dungeons and Dragons rpg. Hawk Sparrow writes on G+Angela Murray emails us, and Mark Dawson emails us at the 11th hour.

Die Roll


  • The Player Type List inspired by Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering that used to make the rounds was on a now-defunct site. Here’s a fresh new version.


  • Updated Star Wars numbers – blows records away. $1B Globally.
  • Virtual phone within Minecraft: Verizon has open-sourced the libraries on GitHub (Boxel and Boxel-client), so if you’re in the market for a giant phone in Minecraft, this is your chance to get one. Amusingly, you’ll also need to build a cell tower beside your gigantic phone but Verizon has pre-made the items required so you can get that up and ‘running’ in a few clicks.
  • Mapbox.com – cool way to work with google maps. Change style of your map, draw lines and polygrams, lay down markers. 

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