047 Monster Ecologies in Roleplaying Games

Monster ecologies in roleplaying games. We talk a little synergy and if it matters that it make sense having monsters in your encounter. Should the players notice if it belongs or not?

Episode 47 Show Agenda


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G&BS spy network success! Our elite team infiltrated the Misdirected Mark’s Gen Con seminar!

Loved to see the amount of “I can’t make Gen Con but I’m gonna game anyway!” activity on G+

Those who went to Gen Con – Tell us your favorite part – game you played, gear you bought, someone you met.  Tell us about it on our G+ Community.  Let’s see those G&BS Index Cards!

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VIG event registration went live this past Saturday, Aug 1st. Awesome. See if we can get Royce.

We talk about how slick their event registration is by sharing a comment from someone on Facebook.


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Michael Althauser on G+ re: Ep 44 Fuding Dice Rolls

Moe Tousignant on G+ re: Ep 43 Taking it to the table


Roger Brasslet re: Ep 46 Money episode



Greyedout Productions. Just like the guys at MM say “Buy a dicebag and use promo code GAMINGANDBS to receive 10% off your order!”  If we’ve got this through to the MM crew we must be doing something right! It’s also interesting how no one will sponsor their show…

Topic of Discussion

Ecologies of monsters and races in your games

  • Understanding the ecologies of critters give you:
    • Better understanding of how the various critters exist together
    • Provides depth to your encounters – e.g. reasons why critters/races do things
    • Gives you a chance to play against type – One shot games, and con games can really shine with this
  • How much do you need?
    • Start small and keep notes
    • Guidelines not rules

Die Roll – 2-4 miscellaneous points of gaming or geekery we want to share with you.


  1. Flash Gordon coming soon from Pinnacle for Savage Worlds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYCroyXZSDs&feature=autoshare
  2. Pelgrane+Delta Green Vietnam is a great combination!  Fall of Delta Green book will be, Per Ken Hite’s FB post: “…a standalone adaptation of the new Delta Green RPG to GUMSHOE, set in the last era that DELTA GREEN was an authorized anti-Mythos agency of the U.S Government — the 1960s. Organizations, Bonds, everything you’re going to love about the new DG RPG, coming soon for GUMSHOE and TRAIL OF CTHULHU-compatible.”
  3. ENnie Award Winners – http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?2792-Congratulations-to-the-2015-ENnies-Award-Winners!#.Vb53mLc1cj7


  1. Diana Jones Award Guide to Glorantha, a role-playing sourcebook by Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, and Sandy Petersen, published by Moon Design Publications. http://www.dianajonesaward.org/the-2015-award-2/
  2. Z-Man Games parent F2Z Entertainment has acquired Plaid Hat Games, the companies announced Wednesday.  Plaid Hat is the publisher of hit game Dead of Winter (see “Top 10 Board Games—Spring 2015”), Mice and Mystics, and others.  The new entity will operate out of Dallas, Texas under the name F2Z USA Corp. http://icv2.com/articles/news/view/32188/z-man-parent-buys-plaid-hat
  3. Force and Destiny launches from FFG
  4. Savage Worlds Rifts


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