Sean’s RPG Encounter

Sean is going to walk us through how he goes about building an rpg encounter while Brett questions and snipes from the sidelines (don’t worry, roles get reversed next episode).

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076 Monsters and Non Monsters

Monsters and non monsters in roleplaying games. As Game Masters we throw them at the players, but the big bad is typically a humanoid or human.  That is not necessary true. Is it? By saying this we are considering monsters as just fillers. They may be the creatures that do the bidding of some more…

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047 Monster Ecologies in Roleplaying Games

Monster ecologies in roleplaying games. We talk a little synergy and if it matters that it make sense having monsters in your encounter. Should the players notice if it belongs or not? Episode 47 Show Agenda Intro Sponsored by DarkTheatre.net Announcements G&BS spy network success! Our elite team infiltrated the Misdirected Mark’s Gen Con seminar!…

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