Art has has such an impact on the rpg hobby. It not only conveys what the game may be about, but it evokes a feeling. It can be space ships, adventurers, discovering treasure, combat, action, and much, much more. It also ties a brand together. Be sure to look at your podcatcher as you listen to the main topic. You will see what we’re talking about!


  • Avalon KS Update

Random Encounter

Bill of House Durfey emails us on Sean’s misfortunes

Angela of House R. writes in to help Louis’s inquiry on running a game for all women

Blake of House Ryan responds to Mongrel

  • Sourcing the table – (10 mins youtube)  
  • Session zero (8 mins youtube)

Ron of House Bishop emailed us preemptively on art in RPG’s

Crimfan comments on suspending belief

Die Roll


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