Board and card games, Brett and Sean talk about their preferences and some of the games they play when not playing RPG’s. While they’re certainly fun to play, they are certainly a different type of game to play when compared to roleplaying games. Both types of games are certainly more competitive, one of things Sean will talk about, but some board games do lend a cooperative approach – Pandemic is a big one, but can still have drawbacks. This episode is not going into a lot of mechanics but more of our preferences and what we play or have played.


Trivia contest is up now. Go here to submit your guesses and be entered to win some rpg schwag.

BS’er Michael Drescher has published a Dungeon World adventure – The Carlsburg Catacombs!  Published by Myth Fox Games – should be on DTRPG soon.

Farewell to Accidental Survivor podcast

Random Encounter

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