155 Brett’s Recent RPG Mistakes

We all make mistakes in our rpg’s and Brett is not immune. He comes to the table and confronts those mishaps in hopes of becoming a better game master. Meanwhile, Sean lends an open ear and helps console the fragile Brett.


  • Event registration for Gamehole Con opened – shit is getting real!
  • Evercon – Submissions and Pre-Reg Open!
  • #GamersVsHarvey – Drink Spin Run and Hobbs & Friends of the OSR
  • Avalon and Encoded – official announcement went out. KS not set yet, but hope to have more details soon

Random Encounter

Spenser Clark, Crimfan and Jake! provide us with some feedback.

Die Roll




  • Azrael Arocha Protect your library the medieval way, with horrifying book curses. Medieval scribes protected their work by threatening death, or worse. By Sara Laskow
  • Michael Parker aka The Closet Gamer, creates game called Tabaxi Tarot Dice

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