154 Player Series – Games With No Classes

How to make a character in a game with no classes.  I think this merits a discussion as players new to this style of game often have difficulties forming a concept. Thanks to Tony Baker for the topic.


  • Sean was at Geekcon in MSN
  • Event registration for Gamehole Con opens Sept 2nd
  • Avalon and Encoded – official announcement went out. KS is looking at Sept/Oct 2017 (details to come)

Random Encounter

Michael Parker and Roger Brasslett comment on G+ about Emotional Bleed

Crimfan comments on Emotional Bleed

Michael P asks for some advice on G+

Die Roll


  • Dave Russell memorial geek auction on Sept 1, Moe Tousignant was a friend of Dave’s and wanted us to spread the word. He dreamt of a geektropolis – a place geeks and gamers could meet.
  • FFG is going to rerelease d6 Star Wars originally published by West End Games – 30th Anniversary of the game.
  • Eric Farmer and Eli Kurtz recorded video about designing an ideal kung fu rpg.

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