168 Burning Hands…On Sean

Sean has been dragging feet getting his West Marches-style rpg campaign up and running. Brett has decided to provide some ‘guidance’ and light a fire under Sean.


  • Evercon 2018 January 5th, 6th, and 7th- Submissions and Pre-Reg still open – Be great to get some BS’ers out there to run and hang out
  • Correction on last episode it was Erik Frankhouse who provided details on West Marches not Eric Farmer

Random Encounter

Angela Murray from Gnome Stew emails us

Crimfan comments on our site

Comments on All in the Family on G+ – Rascher, DM Nel, Jim Fitzpatrick, Thomas Hook, Edwin, Karlen, Eddie and Sky

Karlen supplies us with video that talks about what makes good characters compelling.

Die Roll



  • Virtual sheep for virtual wood, hands on with Catan VR – ars technica article
  • Midlands low magic sandbox campaign setting. (drivethru rpg affiliate link)
  • Concept art from Paul Chadeisson for inspiration for your scifi/far future game


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