Read it all. Skim it. Take notes. How do you consume RPG setting material? Thanks Jim Fitzpatrick for the point of inspiration!


Random Encounter

Matt of House V. comments on Recovering from a bad game

Andy from House Hall emails us

Laramie from House Wall emails us

Email from Ty from House Prunty

Mike from House P. email us topic suggestion

Die Roll


  • Bullets Over Frisco Bay, Savage Worlds scenario. Pay what you want. Proceeds goes towards GenU Gamer in Geelong Australia run by Pure Mongrel. On Drivethru
  • Wizards of the Coast Opens Studio in Austin, source ICV2. The new subsidiary will work on the creation of original IPs outside of the Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons brands.
  • Hobby games sales total 1.5B. RPG, the smallest category, had the biggest move, up 18% from $55m in 2017 to $65M in 2018. Source ICV2
  • Potions of greater healing, small bottles with dice equal to the spell. BloodyjackylMerch on Etsy
  • Gold & Glory: Seven Deadly Dungeons on DrivethruRPG

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