Do Players Make Good Game Masters?

We flip the tables this episode, as Brett says, and talk about players becoming rpg game masters.


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  • Sean eats crow, not literally, he doesn’t know how to properly prepare it.

Random Encounter

Matt V. comments – do gm’s make good players

Peter Skanes has topic suggestion

Chris Shorb calls in

Die Roll


  • Goodman Games announces Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  • Monkey Blood Designs is adding to The Midderlands and having a kickstarter The City of Great Lunden coming Mar 15th, 2019?
  • During the last week of February 2019, you, the tabletop role playing game community, sent me questions about how to tackle marketing your work. Four marketing professionals offered their expertise to answer your queries. This is the result of your combined efforts. Medium article
  • Greyhawk, Adventure Awaits! Article on Tribality that has a great overview of the classic setting.

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