107 Evil Games

107 Evil Games

Evil games, or allowing your players to play evil characters. According to Sean, all players are evil. Well, to some degree. Many people may say that alignment/good/evil are all relative. Have you ran an evil group of player characters through adventures? What pitfalls or triumphs have you experienced? Maybe you’re vehemently against being involved in an evil-based rpg. Let us know!


  • Evercon.org – Kevin Lovecraft and Austin will be helping us run some Games on Demand!
  • Gamehole! – Pre-Reg closes October 15th (badges prices will increase by $5 on-site purchase)

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Voice mail from Sergeant Pemberfoot

Emails from Goblin’s Henchmen and Edwin Nagy.

Comments on G+ from Forrest Aguirre and Matt Bohnhoff.

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