We talk about the Gumshoe RPG system developed by Robin D. Laws and published by Pelgrane Press. Ken Hite, author of Trail of Cthulhu, wrote the game using Gumshoe system because a Call of Cthuhlu game could come to a screeching halt if a player character does not find the clue, or the gamemaster would have to scramble to devise another way to move the plot forward. In the the Gumshoe system you get the clue as long as an ability/skill intuitively makes sense to discover it! Gumshoe RPG system also has a bit of resource management behind it. Players can spend skill points to increase rolls, a d6 is all you need, to increase your chances of succeeding. Besides Trail of Cthulhu, games based on the Gumshoe system include Night’s Black Agents, The Esoterrorists, Mutant City Blues and Ashen Stars to name just a few.

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Anthony von Dessauer comments on Facebook about class vs pc class systems.

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