075 Gumshoe RPG System


We talk about the Gumshoe RPG system developed by Robin D. Laws and published by Pelgrane Press. Ken Hite, author of Trail of Cthulhu, wrote the game using Gumshoe system because a Call of Cthuhlu game could come to a screeching halt if a player character does not find the clue, or the gamemaster would have to scramble to devise another way to move the plot forward. In the the Gumshoe system you get the clue as long as an ability/skill intuitively makes sense to discover it! Gumshoe RPG system also has a bit of resource management behind it. Players can spend skill points to increase rolls, a d6 is all you need, to increase your chances of succeeding. Besides Trail of Cthulhu, games based on the Gumshoe system include Night’s Black Agents, The Esoterrorists, Mutant City Blues and Ashen Stars to name just a few.

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004 ‘Role’ Play It Again Sam

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GMs overusing the same concepts, schticks and being predictable in rpgs. Players playing the same character. How did you get in hobby? – vote! Gumshoe, 5E, and NewGameapalooza. Check out Darktheatre.net/llc.

Episode 4 Show Outline


Darktheatre will be pushing out an update to their Character Folio app at the end of the year (Dec) www.darktheatre.net/llc/

Random Encounter

Poll Results!  We asked folks how they got into gaming and this is what an untold number of people reported:

  • A friend of mine – 5/33.5%
  • Found on my own – 5/33.5
  • Relative other than sibling (mom, dad, uncle cousin) – 4/27
  • Sibling introduced me to them – 1/7

Sean & Brett talk about how they got into RPG’s.

Topic of Discussion – Overused Tropes, Images, Concepts, etc

  • What have we used one too many times that we can no longer use with our regular gaming groups?
    • Brett – dead babies, evil cults, NPCs who start as friends who turn on the players, crushing any PCs loved ones to make them squirm, “You all meet in a tavern”
    • Sean – gain pc’s trust, turn on them
  • Is it really bad to be “that predictable” sometimes? Does anything good come of it?
    • How do players start to react to what they know is coming?
  • How do you make the old and overused new again?
    • New twists to the old such as:
      • Change setting and/or genre
      • Get the players in on the action
  • What about players and not changing it up?
    • Same cake, different frosting
    • Allow players play what they want

Die Roll 


  1. Gumshoe – the best Investigation system out there (http://www.pelgranepress.com/)
  2. Held my kick off game with my group – brief bit on how it went.
  3. D&D 5e – I think I can hold out until the DMG hits and then I’ll cave.


  1. Northeast Wisconsin Gameapalooza (aka Oshcon) Oct 10-12 at UW-O http://newgameapalooza.com/
  2. Movie – Fury, opens Oct 14. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2713180/
  3. Our opinions of gaming in this podcast – reply to the ‘you’re doing it wrong’ crowd
  4. Kicking off a new game on 10/10