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GMs overusing the same concepts, schticks and being predictable in rpgs. Players playing the same character. How did you get in hobby? – vote! Gumshoe, 5E, and NewGameapalooza. Check out Darktheatre.net/llc.


Darktheatre will be pushing out an update to their Character Folio app at the end of the year (Dec) www.darktheatre.net/llc/

Random Encounter

Poll Results!  We asked folks how they got into gaming and this is what an untold number of people reported:

  • A friend of mine – 5/33.5%
  • Found on my own – 5/33.5
  • Relative other than sibling (mom, dad, uncle cousin) – 4/27
  • Sibling introduced me to them – 1/7

Sean & Brett talk about how they got into RPG’s.

Topic of Discussion – Overused Tropes, Images, Concepts, etc

  • What have we used one too many times that we can no longer use with our regular gaming groups?
    • Brett – dead babies, evil cults, NPCs who start as friends who turn on the players, crushing any PCs loved ones to make them squirm, “You all meet in a tavern”
    • Sean – gain pc’s trust, turn on them
  • Is it really bad to be “that predictable” sometimes? Does anything good come of it?
    • How do players start to react to what they know is coming?
  • How do you make the old and overused new again?
    • New twists to the old such as:
      • Change setting and/or genre
      • Get the players in on the action
  • What about players and not changing it up?
    • Same cake, different frosting
    • Allow players play what they want

Die Roll


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  3. D&D 5e – I think I can hold out until the DMG hits and then I’ll cave.


  1. Northeast Wisconsin Gameapalooza (aka Oshcon) Oct 10-12 at UW-O http://newgameapalooza.com/
  2. Movie – Fury, opens Oct 14. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2713180/
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  4. Kicking off a new game on 10/10
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