How Much Role-Playing Game Prep?

Has tabletop role-playing game prep changed for us over the years? If so, why? It depends on the game. Be it a one shot, a campaign or con event, game prep may be different for each. Thanks James for posing the question.

Announcements – some BSer’s are running games at the con, be great to have more!

Random Encounter

Ilina-Selene Hawkins-Young points out something from Team Player or Lone Wolf

Voicemail from Blake Ryan on Team Player or Lone Wolf

Die Roll

  • Color Out Of Space, written by HP Lovecraft and starring Nicolas Cage. Trailer. Thanks to Shane on the forums.
  • Improved Initiative – online tracker for 5e by Evan Bailey
  • The Rook and The Raven planners, journals, disc-bound gaming notebooks. Website
  • Exploricon – rpg convention in Madison, January 2020
  • Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master by SlyFlourish aka Mike Shea, on drivthrurpg
  • Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep by Phil Vecchione/Encoded Designs, on drivethrurpg

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