Roleplaying games are about discovery and some of that includes some type of investigation. Sure, there are games that have mechanics that help facilitate an investigative game, Gumshoe by Pelgrane Press is just one, but what about the games that don’t have investigation at its core? There is the ‘investigation’ skill in D&D 5e, but what if the player fails their role? The game can come to a screeching halt. Maybe you need another method for the group to obtain the lead. Sometimes we game masters just need to give the players what they need and make it VERY obvious.

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Chris Shorb leaves us a voice mail to mention sandbox, epic, but not railroad.

Bruce Covington is running games at UK Game Expo 2016. Join his game or stop and say ‘ello.

Mark ‘Archivist’ Dawson expresses his opinion on Class vs Classless RPGs.

Moe Tousignant comments on G+ on holidays in RPGs

Cory W. emails us about class vs classless

FATE-ful Mike writes us as well.

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