171 Making Exploration Fun!

Thanks go out to Andy Hall, we discuss exploration in rpg’s. We share our thoughts and ideas on how to make it more fun than ‘you travel, you travel, and travel some more’.


Brett pimps Evercon

Random Encounter

Emails from Michael Drescher, Sky Slayton and Steve Orlik.

Crimfan comments on the blog

Avi comments chimes in on episode 170 via G+

Die Roll



  • Eli Kurtz ensures we’re aware of Zovya RPG, some of the best encounter maps around.
  • Sky Slayton – E. Chris Garron’s blog where they have a list of free rpg’s.
  • Sky Slayton – articles by Michael Beck and others, blog articles to help GM’s, eg World Building, Prep Tools, GM’s Toolbox.

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