171 Making Exploration Fun!


Thanks go out to Andy Hall, we discuss exploration in rpg’s. We share our thoughts and ideas on how to make it more fun than ‘you travel, you travel, and travel some more’.

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126 Dragons!


Dragons! They are ancient creatures of legend causing fear in player characters throughout the years. Claw, claw, tail, bite attacks. “Save versus breath weapon” and the feeling of impending doom sets in as you pick up the d20, rolling it inside your fist before you close your eyes and toss it upon the gaming table.

However! It seems that dragons have lost their luster. Are they feared in today’s adventures?

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094 Random Encounters in RPGs


Random encounters in role-playing games, they were frequently found in many first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons modules and adventures. We look back at how we used them or they were used against us. It doesn’t have to be rolling on a table to see what is coming down the hall to consume the player charaters. You can use them to insert some twists or flavor into your game. Let us know how you use random encounters into your game. 

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