Dragons! They are ancient creatures of legend causing fear in player characters throughout the years. Claw, claw, tail, bite attacks. “Save versus breath weapon” and the feeling of impending doom sets in as you pick up the d20, rolling it inside your fist before you close your eyes and toss it upon the gaming table.

However! It seems that dragons have lost their luster. Are they feared in today’s adventures?


Sean & Brett are going to be at Gary Con in March.

Thank you to Joseph Goodman and everyone that helped Goodman Games put out their 4th printing of Dungeon Crawl Classics and thought of putting us in their DCC core rulebook. Find us on p. 445.

Random Encounter

Angela Murray replies to Pure Mongrel’s GM burnout situation.

Christopher Grey gives us a good story update on his Strahd con one-shot.

Pure Mongrel poses a topic on G+

Azrael Arocha calls BS on our social encounters episode

Die Roll




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