How prepared are you for your games? Hopefully your better prepared than Brett is for this podcast… but let’s say you need to run an rpg, like right now, and you’ve done no prep.  How would you do it?


  • Avalon KS Update

Random Encounter

Blake of House Ryan  writes in about Dragonlance

Jared of House Rascher comments on Dragonlance episode

Matt of House V comments on Dragonlance

Harrigan writes in about Dragonlance

Edwin of House Nagy writes in about Metagaming

Jeff from House Scifert, thoughts on suspension of disbelief

DM of House Cojo emailed to ask us about genre blending…

Die Roll

  • Christopher Grey brings Demigods to our attention. On Kickstarter now.’s a PBTA game for American Gods, Good Omens, Percy Jackson style play. Jason is good folk, and a talented designer. Goes until August 8, 2019. Demigods: a game about the half-mortal descendants of the gods. By Jason Mills
  • Where do you start when you want to run a game in Midgard, article.
  • The Boys, series on Amazon Prime about superheroes. Stars Karl Urban. Saw preview on Twitter.
  • 2019 Ennie Award voting is now open. Go vote!
  • Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master by Mike Shea (amazon)(drivethruRPG)
  • Down with D&D podcast episode with guest Mike Shea
  • Jared Rascher referred to Dragonlance: Time of the Dragon for 2e. A tome that referenced Taladas (drivethru)

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