109 Organizations in RPG’s

Organizations in RPG’s, inspired by community member Sgt Pemberfoot, we talk about the roles of cults, sects, clubs, fraternities, sacred orders and what you can do with them. Want to build your own? We talk about the elements that make up an organization in fantasy RPG setting. 


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Random Encounter

Email from Matt about side quests.

Ed Nagy emails us to get support for Extra Life charity event he’s participating in. November 18-19 on Twitch

Goblins Henchman has an article in & Magazine about Brown Elves in issue 13.

Chris Angelucci lets us know about real life scenario involving transporting of spouses entrails.

Jim Fitzpatrick comments on G+ about Side Quests

Michael Parker poses a question that may end up being a topic for one our episodes!

Die Roll




  • Matt who emailed us: mentions new Canadian postage stamps that may provide inspiration for your rpg.

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