forrest aguirre

158 Writing versus Running an RPG Adventure

Forrest Aguirre brought this topic to our attention via Twitter.  What are the differences between Writing and Running an RPG adventure? So, we brought Forrest onto the show to help Sean and I talk through this.

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109 Organizations in RPG’s

Organizations in RPG’s, inspired by community member Sgt Pemberfoot, we talk about the roles of cults, sects, clubs, fraternities, sacred orders and what you can do with them. Want to build your own? We talk about the elements that make up an organization in fantasy RPG setting. 

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BBS014 Forrest Aguirre at Gamehole Con

We asked game masters, that are gracious enough to run games under the Gaming and BS banner at Gamehole Con 2016, to give us some insight into what they’re running. This is a segment of that series. In this bonus episode Forrest Aguirre talks about running his mashup of old school games to come up with just the…

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