PC Hindrances, some systems you take them in order to gain extra points to be converted to boons, buffs and edges. But what if your players take them, but they don’t end up being a hindrance.


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Random Encounter

Laramie of House Wall – on inclusiveness

Ty of House Monger – how should I address you?

Stephen of House Dragonspawn – on inclusiveness

Jessy of house Sparks writes about two great game stores

Carl of house Davis emails us about games he’s running at Gamehole Con, and suggestion when running a game on Roll20

Matt of house V. comments about SoA kickstarter

Joe of house T comments on Random Encounters episode

Sooner Fan writes in about hit points

Pete of house Wyeth comments on Dark Trails episode…we forgot a game

Die Roll

  • How did D&D become a cartoon, article on CBR.com
  • Car comercial with D&D cartoon
  • Broken Ruler Games, aka Todd Crapper, has a LARP of blackmail, confrontation and poker being kickstarted called The Deal. ends June 18th, 2019.
  • Inkarnate, cartography creation website.
  • Feral World Lite, on Lulu, as mentioned by Pete Wyeth
  • Stephen Colbert plays D&D w/Matt Mercer for Red Nose charity, on youtube

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