Player versus player in roleplaying games, without agreement and understanding in advance it can turn out to be a royal fiasco. We specify player versus player and character versus character. Brett talks about how there has been positive gaming experiences when players go back and forth with their characters, but it doesn’t always happen that way. It can also take away spotlight from other players as well as the GM. What if you rule out player versus player situations? Y0u might miss out some good story.


Still looking for people to run games at Gamehole Con, let us know. Brett is going to run D&D 5e in his homebrew Avalon setting, MERP or Warhammer Fantasy. Sean is running Age of Rebellion Force Five from Alderaan, not your rated PG Star Wars story.

Random Encounter

JiB from Happy Jacks RPG Podcast emails us on opposed die rolls.

Fateful Mike emails us and asks about World Wide Wrestling rpg which is a Powered by the Apocalypse game. We suggest he reach out to friend of the show, Joe Cwik. Joe does a podcast on wrestling, you find it here.

G+ Post from Roger Brasslett clarifying opposed roles

Kristian Serrano comments on Latency In RPG’s.

Die Roll




Shane Freeman points us to the Witchcraft museum of Iceland.

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