156 Point Buy Tweaking

156 Point Buy Tweaking

‘Point buy’ may not be the right words. We talk about buffing a player’s character beyond what is a standard starting point. This works out better in a point-based character progression than a level based one. We’re curious of what you think after hearing this episode.


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Random Encounter

Brian Ross & Crimfan comment on our website, Michael P chimes in. Jared Rascher hits us on the book of faces.

Die Roll


  • Another great list from Papers & Pencils. D100 materials your post-apocalyptic armor is made from.
  • Open letter from Meg and Vincent Baker defining what Powered by the Apocalypse is.
  • Worldbuilding Basics – 6 Tips for Geography and Mapmaking video by DC Fergerson
  • Dave Baity’s Dark Trails website is up. Check it.

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