124 Politics in Role-playing Games

The politics in gaming, the politics ooo feeling good. We touch on law, but tie it into politics and that doesn’t make any sense. Politics is full of intrigue, plotting and scheming. We hit it at a high level, of course.

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Jim Fitzpatrick comments on G+

Crimfan comments on the website under episode 118 Urban Adventuring II

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  • Where you can find the WotC D&D team.
  • People with Monsters blog offers some DCC resources


  • Vece Young is posting his Mutant Year Zero game info up for folks to see
  • Shane Freeman pointed out this cool article on prophecy in RPGs
  • Brad Tucker shares a creation Wanted to make sure i sent your way the new site and video for this project:
    Introducing the Monarch Papers – a completely free interactive literary experience. Part novel, part game, you are the missing piece in a puzzle that’s remained unsolved for a thousand years.
  • Michael Drescher lets us know about Age of Runark – FantasyAge podcast. It’s an actual play of FantasyAGE, soon to be OpenLegend. 

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