227 Random Encounter Catch Up

227 Random Encounter Catch Up

We had a topic, but we also had a LOT of feedback from role-playing gamers. It’s an extended Random Encounter episode!


Random Encounter

  • Vmail from Chris Shorb
  • Michael Drescher clears up his email via Twitter
  • Email from Gabe Dying
  • Matt V. leaves a comment on ep 226 Two New Campaigns
  • Email from Stephen D Spawn
  • Ty Prunty suggests underwater campaign
  • Michael Phillips comments on G+
  • Ryan B. submits via our website
  • DM Cojo goes back to episode 53 Killing Player Characters
  • Ron B. comments on ep 225, chases
  • Tony Suga Loaf poses a question on G+
  • Crimfan comments on chases
  • Goblins Henchmen lets us know about hex power flowers

Die Roll

Fellowship of the Rings chase scene
Bullitt chase scene
Bourne Legacy chase scene
Incredibles chase scene
Incredibles 2 chase scene

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