The rpg you’re running is starting to get stale. Maybe it’s the same ole tropes, story and routine. Brought on by a conversation Brett had with Tom Flanigan from Knights of the Night and Streets of Avalon, we talk about some things to consider to re-energize your role-playing game.


  • Evercon – Submissions and Pre-Reg Open!
  • Avalon and Encoded – KS will be in January, 2018 – Stretch goal ideas and art being worked on
  • #GamerVsHarvey  – Totals are still coming in. We’re on track to be $350+

Random Encounter

Feedback on episode 158 Running vs Writing RPG Adventures on G+

Crimfan writes

Stephen Dragonspawn mentions Con-on-the-Cob

Kyle from Soldiers of Misfortune emails us

Die Roll


  • Bill Durfey in China, we’ve inspired him to do his own podcast The Guild of Arcane Lore, a Harnmaster podcast
  • Kyle In the last episode I listened to you were asking for leads on gaming related charitable events so I thought I’d tip you off to BrigadeCon. It’s an online RPG benefitting Child’s Play charity. It’s free to join the games but they ask for donations throughout the weekend. They also have a bunch of raffles on other stuff, it’s pretty dope.
  • Night’s Black Agents Random Character Generator by Jeff, friend of Dungeonmusings


  • Karlen ofTheHillPeople Kendrick gives us Bloodborne which uses the Lasers and Feelings rules from RoosterEma on G+

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