073 Roleplaying Game Classes or No Classes

Roleplaying game classes, there are rpg systems that involve classes for their player characters. Examples include fighter, magic-user, thief, etc. Dungeons and Dragons and respective derivatives are ones that lead the way with player character classes. Other systems, like Basic Roleplaying, GURPS or Savage Worlds are more generic. In those games you typically build your player character using a concept the player chooses and you use points to build them into what you want versus placing them in a specific bucket. While we don’t get into each game, we do bring about discussion around both. What’s your take?

Random Encounter

Visionary Comms writes some generous words about us on their blog. Thank you!

Listener and patron, Forest Agguire, emails us about giving Star Wars FFG obligation rules a shot by implementing them into his own systems of choice.

We also get an email from James Bardes where he expresses his opinion on Fantasy Flight Games‘ model for releasing Star Wars rpg.

Steve Freeman and Hank Sparrow comment in our Google+ community about our coverage of Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg.

Aaron Sugg comments on G+ and THAC0.

Rob Billiau reminds us that basic starter rules for D&D 5e is available for people new to the game.

Die Roll


  • Blood Bowl is coming back
  • GMing Fate by Misdirected Mark podcast 
  • Brought to my attention via G&BS listener Matt Martinez, Pugmire is a fantasy RPG with dogs as the PCs


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