The mighty role-playing game character sheet. It’s at the core of almost every rpg that has been published. There’s the presentation of the character sheet. Some help you understand the game. We talk about them.


Sean put up an unboxing of Masks of Nyarlathotep Gamer Prop Set on Youtube

Random Encounter

John M writes in…

Email from Jason in the Cities on running a module at a convention

Email from Mithron of the Velvet Shade about Art in RPG’s

Zac Corbin comment on art in rpg’s

Matt V comments on genre blending

Cory Welch gets back to us about Jerry Stefek memorial gaming event:

Vmail from DM CoJo

Die Roll

  • Mike Myler dropped us a note about his upcoming Kickstarter, coming October 2019. Link to his website talking about Vast Kaviya!
  • Mad Irishman Productions for some sheets – website
  • RPG Sheets
  • Jerry Stefek memorial game by Cory Welch – more info

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