In an exercise in futility, Brett decides to put the screws to Sean in order to help(?) him figure out what he’s going to run for his next rpg.


  • Evercon – Submissions and Pre-Reg Open!
  • #GamerVsHarvey  – GBS was able to donate $383, and help from friends tallied up at $895!!

Random Encounter

Feedback on episode 159…Comments from the website as well as Blake Ryan and Ed Nagy comment on G+

Michael Parker poses a question

Hal Burdick talks about a game he’s designing.

Die Roll



  • Star Trek Adventures Quickstart Guide, free includes an adventure too!
  • Evil Hat Productions lists a thread of resources on Twitter for those that are interested in FATE
  • Samurai is coming to Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, video of Mike Mearls on this

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