127 Social Encounters Redux

Someone called BS on us for our original episode that covered social encounters so we’re revisiting the topic. We even give some examples of how we’ve setup a social encounters.


Azrael Arocha our Venezuelan friend living in Canada is launching a podcast, Rolero Casual.

BS’ers will be at OrcCon in LA – make sure you find Matt Martinez running Crypts and Things Monday afternoon, Chris Schorb and Christopher Grey. Orc Con runs Feb 17 – Feb 20, 2017

Random Encounter

Larry Hollis, aka Xer0Rules on Twitter is looking for good Session Zero advice.

William Arnold poses an interesting question on G+ about npc’s faking their death.

Shane F. calls BS…on GMs/DMs about drgons

Rodrigo “Beowulf” Batalhone has something to say about Dragons on G+

Tony the Butcher Baker shares his thoughts on politics in gaming.

Edwin calls BS on how we handled Pure Mongrel’s inquiry on getting mature players to play a different game.

Stephen Dragonspawn, cool last name right?, suggests something for Christopher Grey’s Strahd one shot.

Todd Crapper on Dragons via G+ 

Die Roll



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