127 Social Encounters Redux

Someone called BS on us for our original episode that covered social encounters so we’re revisiting the topic. We even give some examples of how we’ve setup a social encounters.

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090 Keeping Players Engaged


Keeping players engaged, there are a few things you can do. Often times it’s because they’re bored or not engaged. As a GM you can do a few things. Hell, Brett goes as far as doing one-on-ones. “How are you liking your character? What goals are you trying to achieve?” It’s gotta be his promotion to management that has him all corporate. Seriously speaking, it may one of many ways to ensure all is going well and your player(s) stay engaged in your current role-playing game. 

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082 Dedication to System


Dedication to system, or system mastery, is often used in the same context. While it may take ‘dedication to an rpg system’ in order to gain mastery of its rules, it’s not always the case. There are advantages and disadvantages to being dedication to sone system. System mastery is obviously an advantage, but what about broadening your rpg horizon. What other types of play do other games facilitate and how do you know the one you are dedicated to is the best one for your play style?

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