Dedication to system, or system mastery, is often used in the same context. While it may take ‘dedication to an rpg system’ in order to gain mastery of its rules, it’s not always the case. There are advantages and disadvantages to being dedication to sone system. System mastery is obviously an advantage, but what about broadening your rpg horizon. What other types of play do other games facilitate and how do you know the one you are dedicated to is the best one for your play style?


Gamehole Con Event Reg Open! Brett has yet to submit his events. Sean has his Force Five from Alderaan FFG Star Wars game submitted as well as a Savage Worlds Fuhgeddaboudit (pay what youforce-five-alderaan want on Drivethru) mobster game set in 1968 Vegas. 

Forget Midwest was this past weekend. Hope it well for all those that attended and Willow P. for being one of the main organizers.

Brett becomes El Presidente of Evercon. Evercon updates in progress – I’ll be looking for GMs

Random Encounter

Angela Murray emails us about online comic that walks through FFG’s Star Wars dice mechanic, strip 1  strip 2 and pdf version.

Nick B. emails us. Thanks for the token of appreciation too!

Ty P. emails us about episodes 74 and 77. While Andy H. emails us about PVP and actions/reactions in rpgs.

Die Roll




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