082 Dedication to System


Dedication to system, or system mastery, is often used in the same context. While it may take ‘dedication to an rpg system’ in order to gain mastery of its rules, it’s not always the case. There are advantages and disadvantages to being dedication to sone system. System mastery is obviously an advantage, but what about broadening your rpg horizon. What other types of play do other games facilitate and how do you know the one you are dedicated to is the best one for your play style?

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077 Opposed Die Rolls in RPGs


We typically use opposed die rolls in rpgs to resolve a contest between player characters or between player character and nonplayer characters. We may use skills – my push to your pull, or more like sense motive to the other’s deception. Some systems could have a different approach, re: Star Wars Edge of the Empire by Fantasy Flight Games. Savage Worlds presents it’s own type of opposed die roll/check, one person rolls, player can opt to use bennies to increase the roll and then settles on an end result that becomes the target number for the opposing party to beat. What about using them for combat situations? Are opposed die rolls good or bad? Do we have a preference? Listen and find out. Inspired by listener Roger Brasslett. Thanks Roger!

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070 Star Wars Edge of the Empire Part 2


We pick up where we left off in episode 69 as we continue to talk about Star Wars Edge of the Empire roleplaying game by Fantasy Flight Games. Obligation, careers and specializations are just a couple more elements of EotE that we discuss. Of course there is listener feedback via Random Encounter as well as Die Roll.

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